What Color Should I Dye My Hair

I belief many people came across this question what color should I dye my hair? Most of the time we do not have a clue where to start. There are way too many variables and details that you need to pay attention in order to get a pretty good looking and matching hair color with your appearance. One of the trickiest yet needs different level of experience when in selecting the color shades.


Let take one step backward, before you go ahead and select your prefer hair colors from tons of hair dye products and brands, you should really spend more time to understand your hair. Different colors have different hair type matching; wearing a wrong color matching hairstyle will only mess up with your appearance. Whenever you have question on what color should I dye my hair, remember below a few important tips to help you make the right decision.


Objective of Getting Hair Dyed

Understanding the main objective of having your hair dye will help to get a better understanding and getting a satisfy result. It might changes over time, but it is good to identify the current change needs. For example is it catering for a special event that you need to show up or playing an important role? Or life is too boring; you need to have a total make over to live up the mood? Or could it be you are changing a new job with a new office environment? There are many possibilities, so be true to yourself and understand the situation well, then select the matching hair color dye for the best result.


Hair Color Nature and Undertones

There are hundreds of color shades from hundreds of hair dye brands that changing the hair color trend so rapidly, none of us can really follow them. But good news is you definitely can get more than one matching hair color for yourself. There are two important basic knowledge about selecting hair shades; one is to understand the color nature representation and how well it can match with your undertones. Different colors have different characteristic, darker color shades give you more steady, mature and elegant feeling, where lighter colors give people a younger impression, outgoing, uplifting, and unique look.


Eye Colors

Many people believe the eyes are the most pretty part and soul of beauty for anyone. Thus, finding a matching hair color with eyes is really important to structure a great first impression and strong image. As for European, American and Arabian, they have pretty diverse eye colors from turquoise, different types of blues, greens, browns, black and sometimes grey too. For Asian, it is lesser color, mostly in brown shades and black. So when selecting hair color dye, try to go with similar color blend or family with your eyes, never try to match with a contradict color, as it will create a very awkward feeling and not pleasant to people. Remember, a great hair color will help to make your eyes and whole appearance looks much better and attractive than before.


Skin Complexion

The skin complexion on your face is equaled important as compare to your eyes color. As color goes, it can differentiate into two categories, warm or cool. Warm skin complexion usually comes with slightly medium beige, light brown, pink or faded gold undertones, sometimes including freckles too. For cool skin complexion, it is with pretty fare pale to crystal white, slightly with olive blend, or some bluish undertones beneath the eyes and around the chin. In particular matching with skin complexion, you can have slight flexible for hair color selection, especially to fare crystal white skin people, as lighter and farer skin complexion is easy and good looking to match up with any hair colors. But, one important tip to remember, if you are having darker or warmer skin tone, do not apply dark hair shades as it will make you look even dull and down. You should find some color that can bright you up.



Even though ones personality does not make a big impact or influence a lot into making the decision on what color should I dye my hair, but it is complement to match with you unique characteristic. Just some references, if you are an outgoing, energetic, always want for attention, you should consider some bright hair color like burgundy red, honey blonde, ash brown or caramel brown or some extend you can consider purple and violet too. If you are a more serene person, then you can go for darker color shades like dark chocolate brown, piano black, dark rich gold highlights or dark blonde.


Last Piece of Advice

Do not fear of change, most people will make mistake when first getting their hair dye, but there is always some ways to reduce the risk of failure, just follow what we propose for you in this article. Another quick tip is try to apply some highlights with the color you want onto some portion of your hair and wear it for couple of days to get a feeling, if you dont like it, you can always change it and try with different color dyes until the one that you are most satisfy and comfortable with. Oh, please use temporary hair color dyes, so you can easily change the color before going for the permanent hair color dye.


Good Luck and Goodbye to worry of what color should I dye my hair no more!

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